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From a legal point of view, an ideal property sale is one that is free of drama and that follows a routine. Learn why it pays to get help from expert real estate lawyers before putting your property up for sale.

There are many good reasons why it is important to have a real estate lawyer involved during the entire sales process, not just when the deal has been finalized. Having the expertise of a real estate lawyer right from the beginning can reduce the sales process and help you get a good price. Additionally, it’s always good idea to close the deal after getting the professional opinion of your real estate lawyer.

Once you reach a deal, your real estate lawyer will contact the purchaser’s lawyer and your mortgage firm. It is important to advice the purchaser’s lawyer about the amount that has to be paid at closing, taking into consideration any additional payments that need to be made, including taxes. To determine the amount that remains on the mortgage at closing, the mortgage firm needs to be contacted too.

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Home Legal Cost is the law firm of choice for some of the most experienced and skilled real estate lawyers. We can effectively represent you in both commercial real estate and residential legal matters. Our service areas include Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Markham, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Aurora, Pickering, Don Mills, Weston, North York, East York, Rexdale, Willowdale and Downsview.

Our years of experience, breadth of our industry contacts, and in-depth understanding of the different real estate markets are all the driving forces behind our “market-aware,” result-oriented approach to meeting our clients’ needs. Our industry knowledge results in a complete client satisfaction.

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