Existing Homeowner Insurance

If I already own a home, can I purchase title insurance?

A ‘title’ refers to the ownership of a property and title insurance protects the purchaser’s condition of ownership. Until now, title insurance could only be obtained at the time of the purchase of property. This left existing homeowners at the risk of facing ownership frauds while people purchasing their homes after the coming of this policy were at an advantage.

Now, existing homeowners can purchase title insurance. It proceeds in the exact same manner as with a new closing where the lawyer searches the title and makes recommendations. See “Title Insurance” on our website for more details.

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Buying a title insurance policy is not expensive. The cost of the actual policy is determined based on the price of the property, the mortgage to be paid and the different municipal taxes. However, for a property costing $500, 000 the title insurance may range anywhere from $145-$450. With the purchase of title insurance, certain legal disbursements are not required, which makes the actual cost of title insurance attractive to many purchasers.

Buying a title insurance policy gives the purchaser peace of mind and a sense of complete ownership of the property that he has purchased.

Existing homeowners are covered for all title related issues. The policy coverage is equal to the cost of the property at the time it is purchased and then increases as the value of the property increases.