Condominium Ownership

Owning a condominium makes you a part of a larger community and often comes with added responsibility towards maintenance and welfare. When purchasing a condominium you must check with your management for what rules are to be followed as a condominium owner. In case of failure to comply with these rules the Condominium Corporation has the right to obtain a court order against the person at fault requiring compliance.

Following is a set of rules that might apply to a condominium:

  • No internal structural changes can be made in the condominium without seeking written permission from the Condominium Corporation.
  • No changes to flooring are allowed including hardwood and carpeting.
  • No colored window blinds or shutters except off-white as these are seen externally.
  • Tenant occupancy has certain restrictions for which you must check with your Condominium Corporation.
  • Common areas are to be used keeping in mind the convenience of all. Any damage to common areas must be borne by the condominium owner if he or she is at fault.
  • Residential condominiums must not be used for commercial purposes.
  • No parking allowed for recreational or business vehicles.
  • Pet restrictions.
  • Barbecuing on balcony space is not allowed.
  • Noise levels are to be kept under control.
  • You have to pay for maintenance of all amenities even if you do not use some or all of them.