Are Surveys Required?

With the popularity of title insurance purchasers often do not insist on getting a survey. A survey is part of a real property report which describes the exact location of the house, fencing, pavement, decks, garages and swimming pools. It is a useful document in conjunction with the title search to give the homeowners a good idea of what he or she is about to acquire by completing the purchase of the property.

For Detached, Semi-Detached or Freehold homes:

Along with the title insurance, the purchaser should request the vendor to provide an existing survey for the home. The advantages of having a survey include:

  • Information regarding lot size and boundaries, should the purchaser consider an addition to the home in future.
  • Information regarding the size and exact boundaries that may help clarify any encroachment issues or easements on the property.
For Condominiums:

Condominium Purchasers need not worry about getting a survey since the Condo plan surveys are always available in the land registry system.